About (press information):

The words and songs of the mystic Kabir (1440-1518) are the basis
of the programme. The day circle of changing Ragas serves as a
narrative structure.

The musicians of "Anubhab“ (literaly translated: "strong emotion",
"ecstasy") from Kolkata, Subha Battacharjee (Vocals), Jaydeep
Bhanja Choudhuri (Sitar) and Debasish Battacharjee (Tabla), set
the words of Kabir to music, as the transcriptions are read by
Günther Heitzmann.

The sound spectrum is enriched by Susanna Welsch (Violin, Voice)
and composer Michael Sapp (Esraj, sounds).The lyrics are moulded
by the means of radioplay (soundscape, collage and foley arts) and
the movement and performancework of the dancer Viola Roeger.

Press photographs:
Songs Of Kabir - Abhijit (JPG RGB, 1050 x 700 dpi, 377 KB)
Songs Of Kabir - Ensemble (JPG RGB, 700 x 1050 dpi, 270 KB)
Songs Of Kabir - Kabir (JPG RGB, 1200 x 910 dpi, 395 KB)